Winter 2019
President's Column
Errors and Omissions Changes to Know
SDLTAP Snow Plowing Tips
Meet Cindy Foster and Convention Pics
Legal Insights
Meet our Newest Board Member
How a Bill Becomes a Law
Scholarship Application
Legislative & Other Important Numbers
Convention Sponsers & For Sale Items


Fall 2018
President's Column
Insurance News
Shoulder Pulling in the Late Fall
Meet Darwin Bettmann, SDATAT Vice Pres
Haul Roads-Open Meetings and Section Lines
Samplee Culvert Inspection Form
40 year Service Award Application
Voting Information and Amendment W
Writing Resolutions
Spouses Program

Summer 2018 
2018 Scholarship Winners
Claim...What Shall I Do Now?
Keeping Up With The Times - Township Road Struggles
Culvert Update & Funding Change
Vacating Roads

CAFO & Your Township

Spring 2018
Meet your 2018 SDATAT Directors & Staff
Roads & Signs...and the Township's Liability 
In Memory of James Enders, Founder SDAT
2018 Legislative Session Recap
Annual Report Reminder
Legislative Changes in 2018
2017 SDLTAP Training Summary 
Documenting Damages 

FALL 2017
SDATAT Annual Conference Information
One Million Dallars Paid to SDATAT & Members
Managing Township Culverts
Responding to the Urban to Rural Migration
Bid vs Quote
SDATAT New E-mail Support

What's Wrong with These Pictures?
Important Phone Numbers

Why should you have a County or District Town & Township Assoc.
Weeds - An Ever Present Scourge
2017 Legislative Session Begins
Legal Insights--Finance the Cost of Road Maintenance
2016 SDATAT Conference in Review
Winter Driving Safety
Understanding the Gravel Road Cross Section

Small Town Resources Available

FALL 2016
EMC Dividend
Bridge/Culvert Grant Program
Updates on Codified Laws
2016 SDATAT Annual Conference
LTAP Update
New Town SDATAT Representative
Dakota Access Update
Important Phone Numbers

Winter 2016

Notes From the State
2016 Legislative Session
Conducting Township Business
2016 SDATAT Scholarship
New Resolutions
Township Districts
40 Year Awards
Sample Annual Meeting Agenda
O.E.M. Programs

Fall 2015

Ins. Policy Comparison 
 Bridge Grant Update
 Resolution Submissions
 40 Year Award Application
 Conference Summary
 Bridge Grant Access
 Annual Report Update
 Roadside Habitat Workgroup
Winter Driving Safety
 Signing Schedule

Winter 2015      

Insurance Update 
 Legislative Report
 Adopted Resolutions
 2015 SDATAT Conference
 Legislative Audit News
 Managing Your Township
Open Mtg Laws 
 Sample Agenda
 Opt Outs
 Important #'s
 Thank You








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